Pompe circulație refrigerate

Working temperature range: -50 to +200°C
Heating capacity: 2 kW
Cooling capacity (at 20°C): up to 1 kW
Pump flowrate: up to 27 liters/min
Pump pressure: 0.1 - 0.7 bar

JULABO refrigerated and heating circulators are suitable for temperature applications to external systems with simultaneous operation inside the bath tank. The units provide high heating/cooling capacities to ensure rapid heat-up and cool-down times. ‚FP‘ models offer proportional cooling control to ensure energy-saving performance and to reduce heat generation to the environment. All models provide a drain port on the front for conveniently draining the bath fluid.

Applications: temperature applications to external, closed systems, such as photometers, refractometers, viscometers. Suitable for simultaneous application to small objects in the circulator bath.

Models in different performance classes – CORIO, TopTech, DYNEO and HighTech – are available. More information

Interval de temperatură lucru: -91 - +200 ° C
Dimensiune baie / adâncime (W x L / D): 18 x 12/20 cm
Capacitate de încălzire: 3 kW
Capacitate de răcire (la 20 ° C): 2 kW
Debit pompa: pana la 26 de litri / min
Presiune pompă: 0,4 - 0,7 bar

Circulatoarele Julabo pentru temperaturi foarte joase pentru încălzire și răcire sunt potrivite pentru aplicații la temperaturi externe cu operatii simultane în rezervorul de baie. Acestea poate produce temperaturi foarte joase ori foarte ridicate cu posibilitati de racire si incalzire rapide și control de răcire proporțional, chiar și pentru volume mari, sisteme externe. Aceste circulatoarele pot fi personalizate pentru o gamă largă de aplicații individuale datorită unei game cuprinzătoare de accesorii (fluid de baie, tuburi, adaptoare, și multe altele). More information

Working temperature range: -40 to +200°C
Heating capacity: 2 kW
Cooling capacity (at 20°C): 0.32 - 0.47 kW
Pump flowrate: up to 26 liters/min
Pump pressure: 0.35 - 0.7 bar

The CF series offers compact refrigerated/heating circulators. Thanks to their compact design, the units can be placed on very small surfaces or within a complex installation. All models are safety class 3 according to DIN12876-1. The maximum ambient temperature of +40°C as well as a ventilation air cooling allow installing the units very close to other units or directly under a fume hood. All models feature pump connections for external temperature applications and a bath opening for temperature control of small objects directly in the circulator bath. Wetted parts are made of high-quality stainless steel or plastic. The instruments provide a reliable microprocessor electronics with high temperature stability as well as warning and safety functions. More information